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Renowned for her exceptional vocal prowess and songwriting abilities, Ronnie Wylder is a highly talented singing prodigy who has made a name for herself in the local Las Vegas entertainment scene. 

She has performed on multiple stages and worked alongside platinum-awarded producers. Her impressive performances include appearances at renowned venues such as the House of Blues and for esteemed organizations such as the American Federation of Musicians. 

As a versatile performer, Ronnie brings a unique energy to her shows, delivering meticulously curated sets that blend modern and classic hits to appeal to diverse audiences. Her repertoire includes songs from all genres including: Jazz, RnB, Rock, & Pop. 

Ronnie's live performances are characterized by her infectious enthusiasm, engaging stage presence, and exceptional musical talent. She aims to spread happiness and create memorable experiences for her audiences. Ronnie is available to perform at various events, including restaurants, nightclubs, cigar lounges, weddings, fairs and festivals, and corporate events. 

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Sultry Serenade

Ronnie Wylder - Singer & Songstress

Sultry Serenade is collection of Wylder’s renditions of her favorite jazz compositions. She hopes that in bringing these songs back into the spotlight, she will help preserve the memory and appreciation for these timeless songs.

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